2022-02-11 - version 0.3.57 - Classification: Civillian

This update adds the new cards from "Classification: Civillian".

2021-11-04 - version 0.3.56 - errata

This update just adds the latest errata.

2021-10-08 - version 0.3.55 - Caretaker

This update adds the new cards from "Caretaker". Happy release day!

2021-09-21 - version 0.3.54 - errata

This update adds the latest errata and VPs.

2021-07-12 - version 0.3.53 - Heroes and Demons

This update adds the new cards from "Heroes and Demons", along with the latest VPs and errata. My apologies for the long wait!

This update also adds support for an "unbalanced" errata option. (This option can be combined with all tournament formats.) For now, "unbalanced" formats will simply ignore all non-trivial, non-emergency errata issued by the 2E balance team since may 2021.

2021-05-07 - update delayed

As many of you know, there's currently a huge controversy around the new "2E balance team" and their recent batch of errata to "overplayed" cards like Unexpected Difficulties. In particular, some of this software's core users are firmly against these changes.

How this matter will be resolved is still unclear. It would be fantastic (however unlikely) if the CC simply acknowledged their error and cancelled these errata. A more likely scenario involves the Austrian community creating a tournament format with curated (cherry picked) errata. (And there's also still a small chance that I'll give up on this game for good.)

Unfortunately, the most likely scenario (a tournament format which ignores some errata) also breaks a fundamental assumption of virtual folder, and will take some effort to implement properly. Therefore, the update with the new cards from "Heroes and Demons", and the latest errata, will be delayed (at least) until matters are decided. My apologies, and feel free to mail me if you wish to discuss this.

2021-01-08 - version 0.3.52 - Shore Leave

This update adds the new cards from "Shore Leave" and "Move Along Home", along with the latest errata. Happy release day!

2020-11-19 - version 0.3.51 - errata

This update adds the "Playing by the Rules" errata.

Also, cards with errata are now marked with a green "!" in the decklist.

2020-11-13 - version 0.3.50 - Apocalypse Rising

This update adds the new cards from "Apocalypse Rising". Happy release day!

2020-09-09 - version 0.3.49 - bugfix

This update fixes support for older JREs, which got broken in 0.3.48.

2020-08-28 - version 0.3.48 - All Our Yesterdays

This update adds the new cards from "All Our Yesterdays". Happy release day!

2020-08-03 - version 0.3.47 - errata

This update adds the latest errata and VPs.

2020-06-10 - version 0.3.46 - errata

This update just adds the latest errata.

2020-04-17 - version 0.3.45 - The Omega Directive

This update adds the new cards from "The Omega Directive". Happy release day!

2020-04-04 - version 0.3.44 - Cellar of Infamy format

This update adds Austria's new "Cellar of Infamy" banlist, along with the latest HoF update and printable VPs.

2020-03-02 - version 0.3.43 - Inheritance

This update adds the "Beginner Deck Promos", along with the latest errata and other VPs.

2019-12-28 - version 0.3.42 - Inheritance

This update adds the new cards from "Inheritance", along with the latest errata and VPs. Happy release day!

2019-10-04 - version 0.3.41 - Sacrifice of Angels

This update adds the new cards from "Sacrifice of Angels", along with the latest errata and VPs. Happy release day!

2019-06-01 - version 0.3.40 - bugfix

This update fixes the printing of proxies, which got broken in 0.3.39.

2019-05-24 - version 0.3.39 - A Less Perfect Union

This update adds the new cards from "A Less Perfect Union", along with the latest errata and VPs. Happy release day!

This update also brings an overhaul to the way folder treats cards with multiple visually distinct versions (e.g. VPs): So far, only the "main" version has been shown and used, except when flipping through images in a card window. Now, each version is treated individually. (E.g. if you search for VPs, you will see VP images! If you drag a VP into your deck, that VP will actually be in your deck instead of the main version.) There are also new settings for order & hiding of versions, at the bottom of the database window. To micro-manage the versions of a card in your deck, double click it on the decklist, or click the gray ellipsis "..." that appears after cards with multiple versions only.

So far, folder should know about all card versions that differ in collector's number, image (e.g. 1R413 Scimitar), anniversary icon (e.g. 0P16 Queen's Borg Cube), and/or (for phyiscal decipher promos only) event text (e.g. 0D19 Agonizing Encounter). (Versions that are being ignored for now include changes to the copy right text as on the Genesis reprint; event text vs. lore on printable VPs; and foil versions of non-foil cards with no other differences, like the Reflections 2.0 reprints.)

Finally, this update also adds support for the Hall of Fame format, and the option to save decks in Lackey CCG txt format.

These are quite some changes, so please mail me if you notice something breaking... except the following known issues:

2019-02-14 - version 0.3.38 - Qpid

This update adds the new cards from "Qpid", along with the latest VPs. Happy release day!

2018-12-07 - version 0.3.37 - Shattered Mirror

This update adds the new cards from "Shattered Mirror", along with the latest errata and VPs. Happy release day!

2018-07-30 - version 0.3.36 - Warp Pack: Access Denied

This update adds the new cards from "Warp Pack: Access Denied". Happy surprise release day!

2018-07-25 - version 0.3.35 - small bugfixes

This update fixes some minor bugs from 0.3.34 (DeckPADD file loading, PDF decklist sorting).

2018-05-25 - version 0.3.34 - Far Beyond the Stars; rules system

This update adds the new cards from "Far Beyond the Stars". Happy release day!

This update also brings an overhaul of the way folder treats deck building rules. So far, some rules have been unbreakable, others have only caused visual warnings, and yet others were completely ignored. Now, folder gives you control over what happens for each rule. Ever wanted to add 10 different Kiras to a deck, until you've made up your mind? Now you can! This feature has turned out to be significantly more complex than i was expecting, and i apologize for any bugs that may remain. Just mail me if you notice something breaking.

Finally, this update also adds some VPs, errata, and the Excelsior Season 1 Act 2 card pool.

2018-03-23 - version 0.3.33 - Symbiosis

This update adds the new cards from "Symbiosis". Happy release day!

2018-03-02 - version 0.3.32 - Excelsior format & Java 9 support

This update adds support for different tournament formats, most notably Excelsior, whose irregular card pool could not be approximated with other filters.
This is also the first version to support Java 9. (Please note that Java 6 can no longer be supported, but Java 7 and above should be fine. Also, please note that the jaxb library may display a warning about an "Illegal reflective access" when running on Java 9. This should not impact functionality in any way, but cannot be helped without breaking compatibility with Java 7).
Finally, this update also contains the latest VPs. Enjoy!

2017-11-01 - version 0.3.31 - Dead Stop

This update adds the new cards from "Dead Stop", along with the latest VP. Happy release day!

2017-10-21 - version 0.3.30 - The Nth Degree

This update adds the new cards from "The Nth Degree", along with the latest VPs, Errata, and a few minor fixes. Happy release day!

about st:ccg virtual folder

st:ccg virtual folder is an offline deckbuilding tool for st:ccg 2nd edition. it has been inspired by tools like DeckPADD and the online deck builder on trekcc.org. you can browse a comprehensive database of all st:ccg 2e cards, search and filter by numerous criteria, assemble and manage deck lists. but st:ccg virtual folder tries to be more than these tools. the name virtual folder hasn't been chosen for naught. as a passionate collector, i was never satisfied with using these tools and not actually seeing the cards. virtual folder changes that. the main card display resembles a 3x3 ccg folder view, where the cards are displayed in a small (unreadable, but recognizable) resolution. one click on a card, and you get a perfectly readable high-resolution image opened next to it.

st:ccg virtual folder is developed by me, in my spare time, and provided free of charge. this means, of course, that any major updates will be erratic. i'll try to make sure the database and card images are updated whenever a new virtual expansion is released, but anything beyond that, will be done... when it's done. i'm open to suggestions, feature requests, and especially bug reports (this is a beta version, after all), but whether and when any development will be done is up to me and up to me only.


currently implemented:

planned features:


the current version is 0.3.57. this is the full version including all images, with a filesize of almost 1GB. if you've already got version 0.3.29 (or newer), you'll just need to get the update, which is a lot smaller, and contains only files that have been changed or added since then. for further download options, have a look at the download page.


just unpack the downloaded archive into a directory of your choice. running st:ccg virtual folder requires a java virtual machine (version 7 or higher). i recommend the latest OpenJDK, or the latest JDK from Oracle. to run the program, just start the executable "folder.jar". alternatively, you can also use "folder.bat" (on windows) or "folder.sh" (on unix-based systems). these scripts don't do much, they actually just set java's memory limit to 768MB before running folder.jar. on older java installations, the default memory limit is 128MB, which is way below virtual folder's requirements.

if the "folder.bat" or "folder.sh" doesn't start anything, try opening a command line window and starting it from there, to get a detailed look at the error messages. most probably your system can't find the java executable. in that case, you'll need to add the "bin" folder of your java installation to your "PATH" environment variable. the exact way of doing this is system dependent, but you should have no troubles googling a guide.


E-Mail the author.

copyright notice

The Star Trek CCG was published by Decipher Inc. and is based on the Star Trek series and films produced by Paramout Pictures and copyrighted by CBS. All copyrights and trademarks remain the property of their respective holders. Neither Decipher nor Paramount or CBS has endorsed this program.

This program is © 2022 Stefan Slaby and is provided free of charge for personal use and unmodified re-distribution, but comes without any warranties.